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I am here for the long haul.

My name is Nichole Missino.

I am a lifelong Delco resident living in Springfield. I am a mother, a wife and a business owner in Media Borough.

I defied the draconian mandates set forth by Governor Tom Wolf during the pandemic. I, like other business owners could not afford to keep my business closed, and my employees were struggling to pay their bills. I took a leap of faith in the name of freedom and it paid off. I was able to sustain my business by being steadfast in my beliefs, and proving that mandates are not laws. I also became an advocate for medical autonomy and parental rights within my school district. I am a proud momma bear that is willing to fight for curriculum transparency, parental rights, and a back to basics approach to education. I love our teachers, and think they deserve normalcy and respect from our community. I know they are instrumental to the growth and advancement of my child, and your children. I do not support teachers who bring their activism into the classroom. I do not support inappropriate content or subject matter in school, and believe parents should always be "in the know". I support oil on our soil and common sense energy. I support funding the police and most importantly respecting them and all of our first responders. I am for working people and small business owners. I know how much they have endured and continue to endure with rising energy costs and how inflation has impacted their livelihoods and services. We need to subscribe to change right now, and pursue it relentlessly. A vote for me on November 8, 2022 will bring us closer to that change. Thank you for your support!


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